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Before you get started on applying a garage floor covering in Greensboro NC to your concrete floor, you should be in no doubt about one, very important, fact, which is this; Without adequate preparation, the staying power of your Greensboro garage floor covering will be very short-lived.

By far, the majority of problems experienced with garage floor covering is that it lifts off the floor after a relatively short period of time. The main reason for this is because the floor was not properly prepared prior to the floor covering being applied and Greensboro temperatures.

If you’re using an epoxy resin, this typically comes in a two-part kit, both parts of which will need to be mixed in accordance with the instructions. However, for the sake of convenience, you may prefer to work with a ready-to-use acrylic epoxy blend which requires no mixing at all. Alternatively, you may choose latex garage floor paint which, again, is already mixed - this is probably the cheapest of the options and also the easiest to apply.

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